HEY. Welcome to Mizrocks, an unofficial fansite and home of the TFL-approved fanlisting for Japanese pop singer, lyricist, presenter, and stage actress Watanabe Mizuki. Watanabe began working in the music industry in 1999, but found true success in 2004 when she made a second debut as Miz and, for a short while, Mizrock. She's probably best known to international fans for her 2005 single In The Sky, featured as the theme song for Square Enix's RPG endeavour Grandia III for the Playstation 2. You may also know her for her song Goodbye, yesterday, featured as the second ending theme for the 2007 TV anime series Romeo x Juliet. Here you can find point-by-point information on all aspects of Miz's career, including a detailed discography, lyricbook, multimedia, and a whole lot of pointless crap that I think is neat because I've been a frothing fan of hers for nearly two decades.

Mizrocks is viewed best on current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari at screen resolutions of 1080x768 and beyond. Japanese text is used heavily throughout the site, so please make sure your browser supports UTF-8 character encoding. For visitors with Windows (particularly XP users), make sure ClearType is enabled to avoid those ugly browser font bugs. A little arrow button will appear on each page allowing you to jump back up to the navigation menu at any time, so hop on in and have a blast.

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