Shopping Guide

Digital Music

Most of Miz's music is now available for digital purchase from Japanese shops! iTunes is (arguably) the easiest to buy from if you have a prepaid card and a Japanese account, so I've only linked to their listings that include songs that aren't available internationally. Conversely, I've also linked to various vendors who offer the tracks her label released internationally. Songs that aren't available for authentic purchase can be picked up in the media section. Also, none of the following links are paid endorsers - I generate no revenue if you click on the following links.

iTunes Japan

Say It's Forever Album
Mizrocks Album
Dreams Album
Goodbye, yesterday Minialbum
In The Sky Remix Song
Bittersweet Remixes Songs
Big Sky (ha-j Ah yeah dance wiz Mizrock mix) Song
Thank you xxx -Graduation Version- Song
ペッパー軽侮 (PEPPER keibu) Single
67億分の1の奇跡 (67-okubun no 1 no kiseki) Song
Baby Maria Song

Internationally Available Tracks

Just Try (Song) iTunes JP iTunes US Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon DE
WINNING WINDS (Song) iTunes JP iTunes US Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon DE