67-okubun no 1 no kiseki (digital single)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2008 AUG 06 -- ¥250 (iTunes, etc)


01. 67億分の1の奇跡 (67-okubun no 1 no kiseki)

Release Notes

♠ Recorded as part of an advertising campaign for a wedding hall called The Grand Tiara. In the commercial adverts, Mizrock plays a giant fucking canary a delightful fairy singing the song for a couple on their wedding day.

♠ The cover art is recycled from one of the previous profile pictures Miz used on her Ameblo blog.

♠ Miz's first digital release, and her last release as "Mizrock" before parting with NAYUTAWAVE Records and Universal Music. A physical CD for the song does exist, but it was made for promotional purposes only.


Promo CD cover Promo CD back