philharmonique; (Q;indivi album)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2008 SEP 3 AVCD-23666~7 ¥3,000


Disc One
01. Introduction ~philharmonique;~  vo. Otsubo Kana
02. Love You  vo. Ohinata Haruko
03. Understand;  vo. Mizrock
04. Across the Starlight  vo. Ohinata Haruko
05. Storia
06. Moment
07. Electronic Harmonique  vo. Ohinata Haruko
08. Lover Snake
09. Cascade
10. Kaze-to-uwasa
11. Part of Your World (Eshericks Late Night mix)

Disc Two
01. Love You (Shiho Fujisawa remix)  vo. Ohinata Haruko
02. Part of Your World (HOUSE NATION remix)  vo. Ohinata Haruko
03. Voices (Q;indivi House remix)  vo. Ohinata Haruko
04. Starting Over (Acoustic ver.)
05. it's time to say hello [from NEXT ALBUM preview ver.]

Release Notes

♠ The second full album from Q;indivi features full-length versions of commercial tunes and tie-in recordings composed by the group, as well as some remixes and original tracks. Mizrock is one of a few guest performers. The rest of the songs are performed by the group's lead vocalist, Rin Oikawa.