I WILL (single)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
1999 JUN 18 MVDH-9018 ¥1,019


01. I WILL
02. 雨 (ame)
03. I WILL (tv mix)

Release Notes

♠ Mizuki's debut single in Japan, as well as her only CD to be released in 3" (minidisc) format.

♠ The words for both songs were written by Mizuki. She's credited as the lyricist using only her first name.

I WILL was featured as the ending theme for a television program called 恋愛スロット クルくるV (renai SLOT KURU-kuru V) on the TX network.

♠ "TV Mix" is a less commonly used phrase for the instrumental or off-vocal version of a song.


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