Waiting (single)

Release Date Product Code Bar Code
2004 SEP 13 REACTIVE 001 732 047 005 0361


01. Waiting (English Version)
02. Waiting (Japanese / English)
03. Got It

CD+EXTRA Features
Waiting (Music Video)

Release Notes

♠ First single in Sweden as Miz.

Waiting is an english version of Miz's second Japanese single, Waiting for. In addition to rewritten lyrics, it also has a noticeably updated arrangement.

♠ The CD is in CD+EXTRA format, offering a 37MB MPEG file of the Japanese music video for Waiting for. The disc also includes installation files for Windows Media Player 6.4 & 7.0, and QuickTime 4.0.

♠ Track #2 is the original Japanese version of Waiting for.

♠ Reached #8 on the Swedish music charts.


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