Story Untold (album)

Release Date Product Code Bar Code
2004 SEP 22 REACTIVE 002 732 047 005 1924


Disc One
01. Amazing
02. Story Untold
03. Backseat Baby
04. You Can Do Anything (Ordinary Girl)
05. She's A Freak
06. Not You
07. Waiting
08. Strong
09. Dreams
10. Can't Hold Back My Tears

Disc Two: "Say It's Forever"
01. New Day
02. Waiting for
03. What's going on
04. If you run
05. ~interlude~
07. Dreams
08. Not You
09. Say It's Forever
10. Circles
11. "What's It To You?!"
12. in the dark
13. Got it

Release Notes

♠ First and only album in Sweden as Miz.

♠ Initial pressings includes Say It's Forever as a bonus disc. No lyrics for it are included, though.

Dreams and Not You are the same songs originally found on Say It's Forever. It sounds like the arrangement for Dreams has been re-touched a little for this album, but Not You remains the same.

♠ The lyricbook has a weird habit of cutting off certain parts of songs if the text doesn't fully fit on the page, so many of the lyrics in it don't fully match up with what's said in the music.

She's A Freak is the only song off Story Untold not to be released in Japan at some point by Miz. The music for the song was instead allotted to boy band NewS as one of the B-side tracks on their March 2005 single Cherish, leaving She's A Freak absent from Dreams (which had been released during the same month). The song, called Party Time, has differently themed lyrics and a noticeably different arrangement (with an added rap segment in the bridge) to She's A Freak. Thanks to my lovely friend Meru for pointing out Party Time to me!


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