Grandia III (playstation2 game)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2005 AUG 4 SLPM-65976 ¥7,980

Release Notes

♠ Game specifications: 1 Player, 2-Disc, DVD-ROM compatible, analogue controller (Dualshock 2) enabled. You'll need more than 85KB of memory card space for a save file.

♠ Produced by GameArts and released by Square Enix, Grandia III is the third installment in the acclaimed Grandia RPG series. Miz's third single, In The Sky, is featured as the theme song for the game.

♠ A pre-menu introductory montage set to an english version of In The Sky plays before the main menu comes up (performed by Miz, of course). The lyrics used are not those of Amazing, but new lyrics derived from a very loose translation of the Japanese lyrics for In The Sky. The full version of this english version is now available as a bonus track on Miz's second album, Mizrock. The regular version of the song is played about ten or fifteen minutes into the game, but it's edited down to be about a minute and a half long.

♠ The full Japanese version of In The Sky plays during the ending credits.

♠ Towards the end of the game, the full version of the In The Sky remix plays while you fly the airplane. This remix can be found on the single.

♠ The lyrics for In The Sky were written to reflect the theme of the game. The protagonist, Yuuki, dreams of being an aviator like his childhood hero, and the story takes off when he finally achieves that goal. In The Sky is about a boy with the same wish, and conveys the idea that the sky is the limit (so to speak).

♠ The music video for In The Sky incorporates a lot of cinema clips from the game, especially scenes involving Yuuki and his airplane.

♠ From what I've heard, the North American release of the game retains the english version of In The Sky during the pre-menu opening sequence. I haven't played the North American version of the game, so I can't verify this.