Kouklo Theatro (Playstation game)

Standard cover Value 1500 cover

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
1999 DEC 2
2001 SEP 20 (Value 1500 Edition)
SLPS-03283 (Value 1500 Edition)
¥1,500 (Value 1500 Edition)

Release Notes

♠ Game specifications: 1 player, analog controller, requires 1 memory block.

♠ Developed by Sunsoft, Kouklo Theatro (ククロセアトロ) is a combination of both simulation strategy and action RPGs. Mizuki's second single, Ambition, is featured as the opening theme for the game.

♠ The opening sequence is cel-animated rather than rendered in CG, as are many of the cutscenes and backdrops throughout the game.

♠ The last page of the game booklet features a short profile of Mizuki.


Booklet cover Booklet (last page) Regular case back Regular spine card