Good bye, yesterday (minialbum)

Standard cover Limited Edition cover

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2007 JUL 25 UPCH-20030 (standard edition)
UPCH-29004 (limited edition)
¥1,800 (standard edition)
¥2,100 (limited edition)


CD (Both Editions)
01. Good bye, yesterday
02. Beautiful Day
03. I
04. スモール・タウン (SMALL TOWN)
05. 愛されたくて (aisaretakute)
06. Big Sky

Limited Edition DVD
01. [Good bye, yesterday] Video Clip

Release Notes

♠ Miz's first release as Mizrock, as well as her first minialbum. Available in a CD-only version and a limited edition CD+DVD pack.

♠ The title track, Good bye, yesterday, is featured as the second ending theme for the Romeo & Juliet TV anime series.


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