Best Friend (single)

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Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2007 OCT 24 UPCH-80043 (standard edition)
UPCH-89015 (limited edition)
¥1,000 (standard edition)
¥1,300 (limited edition)


CD (Limited Edition)
01. Best Friend
02. Hello me!
03. Best Friend (Backing Track)
04. Hello me! (Backing Track)

Limited Edition DVD
01. [Best Friend] Video Clip

CD (Standard Edition)
01. Best Friend
02. Hello me!
03. Big Sky (ha-j Ah yeah dance wiz Mizrock mix)
04. Best Friend (Backing Track)
05. Hello me! (Backing Track)

Release Notes

♠ First single in Japan as "Mizrock".

♠ Miz went on a nation-wide tour — officially referred to as the "Tomodachi 10,000 dekiru ka na!?" (トモダチ10,000できるかな!?), or "Can I Make 10,000 'Friends'?", campaign — to promote this single. The tour, which began on October 28th, had Miz performing twice a day at various shopping malls (mostly ÆON locations) around Japan, during which special "friend cards" would be distributed to spectators. Each set lasted for about 30 minutes and would conclude with a meet-and-greet session. Miz successfully reached her goal of distributing 10,000 cards by her final show on March 30th. Dates for the tour are listed here.

♠ The remix of Big Sky is only available on the standard edition.

♠ South Korean band Girls' Generation-TTS recorded a version of Hello me! entitled Holler. The track served as the lead single from their second EP of the same name in September 2014.


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