Pepper Keibu (single)

Standard cover Limited Edition cover

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2008 JUL 2 UPCH-80082 (standard edition)
UPCH-89028 (limited edition)
¥1,000 (standard edition)
¥1,300 (limited edition)


CD (Both Editions)
01. ペッパー警部 (PEPPER keibu)
02. U・BA☆Bang! Bang!
03. ペッパー警部 (Backing Track)
04. U・BA☆Bang! Bang! (Backing Track)

Limited Edition DVD
01. [ペッパー警部] Video Clip

Release Notes

♠ Third single as Mizrock. The CD is available in a CD-only version and as a limited edition CD+DVD pack.

PEPPER keibu is a cover of a the 1976 debut single of PINK LADY. It is also included on Universal Music's tribute album to Yuu Aku.

PEPPER keibu was featured as the ending theme for several TV programs around its release in the summer of 2008:

- KTV's "mujack" (thru June)
- NCC's "Hana♥Kin" (thru June)
- NCC's "Tokoton Saturday" (thru July)
- MieTV's "Tottemo WakuDoki!" (from June 30th ~ July 11th)
- CTV's "PS" (thru August)

♠ The B-side, U・BA☆Bang! Bang!, is an original song. Unlike Mizrock's previous two singles, there is no remix featured on the regular edition.


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