In The Sky (single)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2005 AUG 3 VICL-35861 (standard edition)
VIZL-144 (limited edition)
¥1,155 (standard edition)
¥1,470 (limited edition)


CD (Both Editions)
01. In The Sky
02. What Difference
03. In The Sky (remix)
04. In The Sky (music track)

Limited Edition DVD
01. In The Sky (music clip)

Release Notes

♠ Although What Difference is a new song, In The Sky is a Japanese remake of Amazing, the first track on Story Untold. However, the lyrics for In The Sky are not based on those of Amazing, and the general themes of each version are different.

♠ The lyrics for What Difference were written by Miz, but the lyrics for In The Sky were written by a lyricist known as Ijoy.

In The Sky is featured as the main theme for the Playstation2 game Grandia III. The game's release date was August 4th, 2005, the day after In The Sky was released.

♠ The first pressings of both editions come with a special slip of paper featuring an illustration of Grandia III's two main characters (it's the same picture that's used on the cover of the game booklet). The picture is attached to the OBI slip and fits over the back of the jewel case.

♠ The standard and limited edition versions share the same cover art.

♠ The music video and cover shoot were done in Los Angeles, California. It was Miz's first time visiting America.


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