Backseat Baby (single)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2005 NOV 30 VICL-35921 ¥1,155


01. Backseat Baby
02. Welcome to our party
03. Backseat Baby (music track)
04. Welcome to our party (music track)

Release Notes

♠ Fourth single in Japan as Miz.

Backseat Baby is the third track off Miz's english-language Story Untold album, which had been released in Sweden a year earlier. It was re-written with Japanese lyrics (which are based on the original english lyrics) for its release in Japan and given a few additions to the arrangement, including a noticeably different bridge section. The B-side, Welcome to our party, is a new song.

♠ The CD is in CD-EXTRA format and offers six different desktop wallpaper (1024x768) calendars for your computer. Each wallpaper has two months printed on it, beginning with December 2005 and ending with November 2006.

♠ Miz mentioned in one of her From Miz diary entries that the concept for this single is described as "Miz + White + Fashion". She and her publicists decided to focus on style and fashion for this single's promotional image because most of her previous concepts had been based around nature.

♠ Miz's website announced the release of her fifth single, Bittersweet, nine days before the release of this one.

♠ Highest position on the Oricon weekly ranking: #64


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Case back Spine card CD-EXTRA Wallpaper 1 CD-EXTRA Wallpaper 2
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