Bittersweet (single)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2006 JAN 25 VICL-35947 ¥1,155


01. Bittersweet
02. Give It All Away
03. Bittersweet - Bionic Rockers Frequency Remix
04. Bittersweet - Dr.Shingo Remix

Release Notes

♠ Fifth single in Japan as Miz.

♠ The lyricbook includes a Japanese translation of Bittersweet, penned by Miz, as the song itself is entirely in English.

♠ The disc, case art, liner book, and music video are almost exactly like those of Backseat Baby, but with an opposing color scheme and attitude. For instance, pop-based Backseat Baby uses white and yellow and has a refreshing, stylish feel, whereas rock-based Bittersweet uses black and pink and has a hard-ass punk theme.

♠ The day before the single's release, JVC issued a notice regarding the CD cases. Apparently, the backing art on several of the initially pressed copies had aquired a few minor markings during production. The discs themselves weren't harmed and JVC offered to replace the scratched copies to those who had already purchased them (I had pre-ordered my copy a few months ahead of time and didn't receive a scratched one, so it must not have been all of the first presses.)

Bittersweet and Give It All Away are brand new songs; neither are a Japanese remake of a previously released english track like In The Sky and Backseat Baby had been.

♠ The CD is in CD+EXTRA format, featuring short clips of the music videos for Backseat Baby and Bittersweet. The clips are about the same length as the sample versions that had been available on her website.


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