Mizrock (album)

Standard cover Limited Edition cover A Limited Edition cover B

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
2006 FEB 22 VICL-61880 (standard edition)
VIZL-171 (limited editions)
¥3,045 (standard edition)
¥3,465 (limited editions)


CD (Both Editions)
01. Bittersweet
02. Eyes Don't Lie
03. In The Sky
04. Backseat Baby
05. An Ordinary Day
06. What Difference
07. Dreamer
08. Give It All Away
09. In The Rain
10. Yesterday
11. Part Of My Balance
12. Welcome to our party
13. In My Life

Bonus Tracks
14. New Day - English Version
15. In The Sky - English Version

Limited Edition DVD
01. Backseat Baby - Music Clip
02. Bittersweet - Music Clip
03. Special Features:
- Making of "Bittersweet" Music Clip
- Photo Session for "Bittersweet" & "Mizrock"

Release Notes

♠ Second album in Japan as Miz.

♠ Like her first album, Mizrock has two editions - a regular CD-only edition and a limited CD+DVD edition. The album also contains all of the B-side tracks from her 3rd, 4th, and 5th singles. The limited edition version is available in two different case designs.

♠ The English version of In The Sky on track 15 is the full-length version that plays during the opening cinema sequence of Grandia III. It is not the same as the original English version, Amazing.

♠ The English version of New Day on track 14 is the same version that can be found on Dreams.

♠ The music video for In The Sky was probably left off the limited bonus DVD because including it would have cost Victor Entertainment extra in licensing fees, and possibly subsequent royalties, to Square Enix and GameArts as it features footage from Grandia III.


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