the discography

Be it a CD, DVD, book, or even a video game, if it features Mizzy, you can find out about it here! Releases are sorted by name and country, and are listed in chronological order within those categories. Prices are listed tax-in. Album artwork in this section is kept low quality to ease loading time, so scoot on over to the media section if you need higher quality cover scans for use in music tags.

as miz in japan

New Day single
Waiting for single
Say It's Forever album
Dreams album
In The Sky single
An Ordinary Day photobook
Backseat Baby single
Bittersweet single
Mizrock album
Faraway single
Just Try digital single
WINNING WINDS digital single

as miz in sweden

Waiting single
Story Untold album

as mizrock

Goodbye, yesterday minialbum
Best Friend single
Thank you xxx single
ペッパー警部 (PEPPER keibu) single
67億分の1の奇跡 (67-okubun no 1 no kiseki) digital single

as watanabe mizuki

I WILL single
Ambition single
青い記憶 (aoi kioku) single

tie-ins & other media

ククロセアトロ (Kouklo Theatro) videogame
"Hello, world." OST soundtrack
garp2 album
Grandia III videogame
GRANDIA III Adventure Skill Book book
Romeo x Juliet OST soundtrack
歌鬼 (Ga-Ki) ~阿久 悠 (Aku Yuu) TRIBUTE~ compilation
philharmonique; album
The Victor Recordings 98~08 compilation
ララピポ (a lot of people) OST soundtrack
Bad Friends ~阿久 悠 (Aku Yuu) Tribute~ compilation