Album Art

Are your Miz mp3s in need of album art? Are small, crappy 320x320 scans all you can find on Google Images? If so, you're in luck, because here you'll instead find big, crappy 500x500 scans to attach to your music tags! I've also edited any disproportionately-sized covers to fit the standard 1:1 ratio because I have a huge mental block against widescreen effects on my player screens and I naturally assume you do too. Clicking on the thumbnails will open each cover in a new window on Photobucket to download, so go wild, you crazy album art obsessives!

Music Samplers

As of November 2015, only the songs Miz released under her actual name and a few of the tracks from Story Untold that weren't included on Dreams are unavailable for digital purchase, making it difficult to find high quality rips. If you'd like to support Miz by purchasing her music that IS digitally available and are in a position to do so, check the shopping page for details on how to purchase them. You'll need WinRar to unzip these .MP4 files using the password: mizrocks.

I WILL single
Ambition single
Amazing song
青い記憶 (aoi kioku) song
Backseat Baby (Original Version) song
She's A Freak song

Magazine Scans

Scans of magazine cut-outs I bought from auctioneers on Y!JA years ago. I'm going to translate these at some point. I hope that sounds convincing.