Ambition (single)

Release Date Product Code Retail Price
1999 NOV 24 MVCH-9032 ¥1,019


01. Ambition
02. Moonlight
03. Ambition (tv mix)

Release Notes

♠ Mizuki's second single released under her full name, and her last with Universal Music until resigning with them in 2007 as "Mizrock".

♠ The lyrics for both songs were written by Mizuki. She's credited as such using only her first name.

Ambition was featured as the opening theme for the Playstation game Kouklo Theatro. The first edition pressings of the single come with a bonus trading card featuring characters from the game on one side, and Mizuki on the other.

♠ "TV Mix" is a less commonly used phrase for the instrumental or karaoke version of a song.


Cover Booklet Case Back Card (front/back) Spine card