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Mizrocks.com began as a sad little excuse for a fansite that lasted for roughly five months in late 2004 before being expanded and renamed to "Gorgeous Little Things" on March 28th, 2005. In November 2015 I gave it another re-haul, changed its name to Mizrocks, and gave it a shiny domain name. Now in its sixth edition, the site looks younger and tighter than ever – just like Miz herself. Work it, girl.

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Q. This is an unofficial fansite, right?
A. This website has no official connection to Miz, and neither do I. I did once comment on one of her blog entries congratulating her on the 10th anniversary of the release of New Day (which she acknowledged in a following post!), but with the exception of that and a follow-back from her on Twitter, we have no connection with one another.

Q. Have you ever written or created any Wikipedia posts about Miz?
A. No. Most of the information on Miz's Wiki pages have come from my site, but I haven't personally added them.

Q. Do you own any of Miz's CDs/books/whatever?
A. Absolutely. I own about 97% of everything detailed in the discography at this point, including a few event and promo-only items. I even own Koulko Theatro (and I do not recommend it).

Q. Did/do you write all of your content (articles, biography, et cetera)?
A. Unless stated otherwise, all written content on this website are of my own mind and hand, as the result of my own research and translations from official sources. Sources include Miz's profiles, internet journal entries, magazine and web articles, etc.

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